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Analytics and Dashboards

Chemical companies trying to achieve long-term sustainable and profitable growth have to focus on critical success factors, including:

  • Achieving maximum return on assets while increasing margins and profitability
  • Maximizing supply chain efficiency while improving delivery accuracy
  • Improving order accuracy, on-time delivery, and customer retention
  • Understanding the business implications of strategic decisions

Still, reaching a consistent high level of operational performance is difficult due to many factors, such as distributed processes, disparate information from multiple sources, and uncontrolled operational and financial risks, all of which can lead to operational inefficiency and unpredictable costs, order fulfillment failures, and lost opportunities, resulting in missed revenue and market share erosion. In addition, the inability to understand trends, profitability of market segments, customers, and products makes it difficult to implement new strategies.

Decision makers need an easier way to explore insights. SAP’s analytics tools help turn the flood of raw data companies have on hand into real competitive advantages.

Qnovate’s interactive dashboards are based on industry KPI’s (key performance indicators) and offer users personalized, drag-and-drop functionality and interactive gauges, charts, and widgets – for instant access to clear, understandable metrics. The same dashboards can also be used on mobile devices, for insights anywhere, anytime.

The following are some examples of analytics solutions for the Chemical industry across several functional areas:

Executive dashboards – managing risk

  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • ERP Operational Reporting (based on SAP HANA)

Procurement – efficient and secure supply

  • Spend Performance Management
  • Supplier Info Net

Manufacturing – reliable and effective operations

  • Operational Risk Management
  • Asset Analytics

Supply Chain Management – efficient and transparent supply chain

  • Supply Chain Performance Management
  • Sales and Operations Planning (HANA)

Sales and Product Management – meeting and exceeding customer requirements

  • Sales Pipeline Analysis
  • Portfolio & Project Analytics

Sustainability / Compliance – sustainable enterprise

  • Sustainability Performance Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Analytics