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QEdge Chemical Sample Management for SAP Cloud for Sales and CRM

Product sample management is a critical component of the sales process for the chemical industry. In most cases, evaluation samples are required for any new or improved product, and pre-shipment samples for regular orders.

Managing samples from the initial sales opportunity, sample tracking and delivery, and finally getting visibility on sampling activity and revenue associated with product samples can be a huge challenge: some companies have to ship tens or even hundreds of thousands of samples annually. This can be a huge effort if there is no supporting IT infrastructure

  • Seamless communication between field organization, operations, and customers is required
  • Sample material needs to be linked to the business opportunity
  • Process status needs to be transparent to the account executive and the customer

For most chemical companies, sample management is a manual, labor-intensive process, which is typically not integrated into existing CRM systems. Account executives and customers have no transparency on sample status, and there is no automatic process to send information updates. In worst cases, this can lead to missed opportunities or lost sales.

SAP Cloud for Sales is the perfect solution for field organizations, boasting great functionality, and a modern, intuitive, and comprehensive user interface. It can be deployed either ‘stand-alone’ or in hybrid environments with existing on-premise CRM solutions.

With QEdge Chemical Sample Management, chemical companies can turn SAP Cloud for Sales into an even more powerful customer engagement solution, specifically designed for the chemical industry.

  • Seamless back-office integration for quotes, orders, sample tracking, and more
  • Cloud-based solution does not require technical upgrades, and new content is delivered on a quarterly basis
  • Flexible middleware integration using SAP PI (Process Integration) or HCI (HANA Cloud Integration)
  • Quick Deployment – typically 4-8 weeks
  • Out-of-the-box mobile component at no extra license cost

QEdge Chemical Sample Management is also available for SAP CRM 7.0 or later.