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QEdge B2C Commerce for Utilities

hybris B2C Commerce is a comprehensive solution with robust functionality that provides your customers a multi-channel shopping experience as advanced as the Web’s most advanced retail or service sites. hybris delivers a highly productive, state-of-the-art business customer experience, at the same time maximizing conversion and revenue while minimizing total cost of ownership.

  • Enables adoption of additional channels – such as mobile, print, call center, etc. – on a single platform
  • Centralized product content management ensures content consistency across channels
  • Supports operation of multiple shops on a single platform for multitenant or multi-brand strategies
  • Real-time personalization, merchandising, and search and navigation drive conversion rates
  • Integrated customer service improves customer satisfaction and increases sales
  • Centralized order management enables multi-channel fulfillment efficiency
  • Best-in-class scalability, flexibility and performance for high-volume, high-transaction environments

Qnovate delivers a B2C Commerce Accelerator based on the hybris platform:

Deliver a superior customer experience

  • Consumers expect to easily find services and products offered, and quickly complete their transactions. They expect to interact with your company whenever they want, using their channel of choice, and with a consistent brand experience. Like in the retail industry, Utility companies must respond quickly and consistently across multiple channels, or risk losing customers to the competition.

Customer expectations drive business requirements

  • Consumer behavior and expectations change fast. Customers are demanding the ability to shop and do self-service across all your channels – especially via mobile devices. To remain competitive, organizations must adapt quickly to changing trends. Inflexible systems and processes can’t keep up in a customer-driven environment.

Challenging and costly projects

  • Organizations often delay multi-channel commerce implementations due to time and resource concerns, with mobile getting pushed to ‘later’. These projects typically require a broad range of relevant knowledge and expertise, large teams, business requirements and technology planning, and the definition and re-engineering of processes. As a result, the time-to-value is often viewed as too long. The Commerce Accelerator considerably addresses these challenges and shortens project timelines.

Investing in a future-proof solution

  • Omni-channel is more than e-commerce. A true omni-channel strategy does not just add individual channels, but adapts to and transforms business models as the organization expands.

QEdge B2C Commerce for Utilities provides an effective, easy to use, and personalized experience for your customers: 

  • Deploy a fully integrated, truly omni-channel solution in a very short timeframe
  • Delivers a solid omni-channel infrastructure on which you can rapidly evolve
  • Save costs and lower implementation time by only needing to create and maintain one site for all devices
  • Provides a simplified process for building and maintaining a feature-rich shopping experience to drive sales
  • Includes user-friendly business tools and analytics reporting to drive strategic growth across channels and regions