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SAP Cloud for Sales for Utilities

SAP Cloud for Sales is the perfect solution for field organizations, boasting rich functionality and a modern, intuitive, and comprehensive user interface. The solution also delivers analytics to help sales teams understand their sales performance against targets, pipelines and the profitability of their business. These analytics come in the form of easily configurable interactive reports, contextual sales insights based on real-time customer information, and reports that track sales cycles, wins and losses, and revenue trends.

  • Account and contact management
  • Lead, opportunity, and activity management
  • Quote creation and management
  • Email, calendar and maps integration
  • Seamless back-office integration for customers, products, quotes, and orders
  • Cloud-based solution does not require technical upgrades; new content is delivered on a quarterly basis
  • Flexible middleware integration using SAP PI (Process Integration) or HCI (HANA Cloud Integration)
  • Out-of-the-box mobile component at no extra license cost
  • Quick deployment – typically 4-8 weeks

It is a well-known fact that traditional CRM solutions in the past often struggled with user adaption. Although very capable solutions for power users such as customer service representatives or sales managers for example, these solutions typically did not support field sales representatives very well. The main reasons were complex and rigid user interfaces, no easy way to retrieve contextual information, and less than optimal support for mobile devices, which is an absolute must for field sales teams.

SAP Cloud for Sales changes all of that. The ease of use though an intuitive and flexible user interface, paired with full mobile support, embedded analytics, integration with other applications such as email, calendars and electronic maps lead to an entirely new user experience. As a result, sales teams don’t have to be ‘forced’ to use the application but really experience immediate benefits by using SAP Cloud for Sales for every aspect of the sale cycle:

  • Increased productivity – with robust pre-call planning tools, sales people spend less time preparing for customer conversations and more time selling.
  • Increased efficiency – simple and effective post-call capture and collaboration tools empower sales people to quickly capture call notes and coordinate follow-up actions during or after the call.
  • Shorter sales cycles – powerful quotation management functionality enable sales people to quickly convert customer interest into a quote, anywhere, anytime.

SAP Cloud for Sales can be deployed either ‘stand-alone’ or in hybrid environments with existing on-premise CRM solutions, leveraging existing investments.

Based on the same standard but enhanced with industry-specific functionality, SAP Cloud for Customer for Utilities delivers next generation ‘lead-to-quote’ sales solution for energy and utility companies, to engage with their commercial and industrial customers to capture insights, build better relationships, and close more deals.

Utilities-specific capabilities for account teams include:

  • A customer fact sheet that displays an account summary with customer details as well as recent activities and interactions with notes.
  • Business agreements that store mutually agreed upon terms for long-term business relationships with a customer, including payment terms and methods, set ups bill-to-party, correspondence party, and dunning process.
  • Quotation management with the features like checklists, data capture and validation, status tracking,
  • Service location with the ability to create, update, and edit connection object, premise, and point of delivery details.
  • Packaged integration with the SAP Business Suite solution for Utilities, to allow account teams to work in a single solution but leverage a complete view of the customer.