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Cloud Transformation & Migration


Cloud computing offers many operational and financial benefits that can help organizations to significantly reduce total cost of ownership of their SAP landscape(s). Evaluating these benefits requires a deep and accurate understanding of the usage and performance characteristics of the existing landscape, and the cost of transitioning SAP components to the cloud.

Qnovate ‘Cloud Readiness Assessment’ Service

To help you evaluate and build your cloud strategy options for your SAP landscape with confidence, Qnovate offers a proprietary ‘Cloud Readiness Assessment’ service that provides your team with a detailed analysis of your current SAP environment and compares and quantifies the benefits delivered by various cloud transition options.

  • Leverage cloud options to streamline SAP operations to reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Increase SAP solution agility and flexibility, to better adapt to dynamic business needs
  • Build team knowledge and develop a cloud transition roadmap

Business Benefits

  • Documented baseline for the reduction of cost of operation
  • Actionable on-demand cloud transition plan
  • Increased business agility readiness
  • Resolution of existing pain points

Qnovate ‘Cloud Migration Roadmap & Strategy’ Service

Our ‘Cloud Migration Roadmap &Strategy’ Service is a three-day onsite workshop delivered by our cloud experts, who help you understand cloud implications based on your specific business dimensions. This approach will provide you a deep insight into cloud strategy options, while mapping to your business needs and IT priorities. The workshop will help you design your end-to-end cloud strategy to accelerate your company’s transition to moving into the cloud. The workshop covers knowledge transfer, use cases, best practices, and tailored breakout sessions on adopting cloud computing from technical, solution, and organizational perspectives.

  • Identify key areas of the business that can benefit most from a cloud-based solution
  • Assess your cloud readiness and provide guidance on cloud platform architecture and principles
  • Provide a cloud transformation roadmap that clearly lays out the prioritized initiatives, transitional steps, and milestones
  • Provide the high level estimates for the costs and benefits of cloud investments

Cloud Migration Proof-of Concept

Our service includes an assessment of your requirements and transformation readiness and creates a draft business case for a Proof of Concept (POC). The POC will include a migration of a selected on-premise system to the cloud. Deliverables include an assessment of migration results and a design of the target architecture.