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SAP HANA Innovation Analysis


SAP Business Suite 4HANA (or short S/4HANA) represents the digital business foundation of the 21st century to help drive this transformation across industries, business functions and roles with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity. Many customers are starting to look at S/4HANA drive instant insight across lines of business, connect with business and social networks, and plug into the Internet of Things in real-time. S/4 HANA is the next generation business suite from SAP and offers more than just performance improvements (for more information on the SAP solution please refer to our S/4 HANA page).

Qnovate ‘SAP HANA Innovation Analysis’

We support existing SAP customers by simulating the use of S/4 HANA based on their current SAP ERP usage and HANA experience, by providing the results in an SAP HANA web application. The SAP HANA Innovation Analysis allows our experts to collect detailed information from your SAP systems as a basis to provide detailed recommendations and a well-defined implementation plan. This fact-based analysis developed by our partner IBIS, paired with our in-depth industry knowledge and HANA expertise allows us to build a business case for SAP HANA, simulate different HANA scenarios and offers you an unmatched scoping of Fiori apps, HANA scenarios and HANA LIVE views which are applicable to your business.

With S/4 HANA, SAP not only replaces existing Business Suite functionality but also offers a wealth of new capabilities, so every SAP customer needs to decide what to implement and where to start. Based on an ‘as-is’ analysis of your current SAP system usage, Qnovate can identify and quantify areas where SAP HANA generates the biggest business benefit for your organization. We also identify custom developments which are impacted by S/4 HANA, areas which offers fewer advantages and areas which should be cleaned-up or archived to minimize the cost of implementing SAP HANA.

S/4 HANA Proof-of Concept

Running the HANA Innovation Analysis is fast and easy. Before you invest resources, our ‘Proof of Concepts’ (PoC) simulate where your company can benefit most from SAP HANA. The PoC will also help to build a solid business case for your organization.

With S/4 HANA, SAP offers its customers cutting edge technology to simplify their business. We will help you to make sure you utilize this new technology in the best way possible and don’t migrate old business models and functionality into this new technology.