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SAP Best Practices Industry Packages

Best Practices

Our experience and involvement with preconfigured SAP ERP packages for certain industries – also known as ‘SAP Best Practices’, or ‘industry templates’ – dates back over 15 years.

SAP Best Practices Industry packages are based on standard SAP ERP. They are consisting of preconfiguration content, developed to help companies of all sizes benefit from proven industry best practices. The packages are defined for a wide range of business processes and topics which can be leveraged to rapidly ensure a quick return on investment. The SAP Best Practices Industry packages cover the most important, standardized business requirements for a given industry. The included scenarios are targeted at specific industry requirements and are available for a number of industries, for instance Chemicals, Mill Products, Healthcare, or High Tech.

SAP Best Practices include preconfiguration content to be activated in your ERP system, methodologies and step-by-step approaches. Every package has extensive reusable documentation for self-study, evaluation, as well as for project team and end-user training. SAP Best Practices provide complete preconfiguration settings that provide everything you need to run specific key processes with minimal installation effort.

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The main benefits of using SAP Best Practices are time and effort reduction and risk mitigation, and to reduce TCO though standardized and effective business processes.