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SAP Cloud for Service

Customer experience management is not easy. You need to understand what your customers want and knowing when they want it. Customers do not care about singular touch points across their journey. Instead, they care about their cumulative experiences across multiple touch points and channels over time. This, along with greater customer choices than ever, makes world-class customer services a key objective for most companies.

However, there are challenges to overcome. Let’s take the example of a customer looking for support and advice due to a recent issue with a product or service provided. That customer probably has a limited product know-how but is looking for efficient problem reporting, resolution and a transparent problem resolution process.

Your customer service representatives, on the other hand, need to manage incoming service requests and provide timely solutions to the customer’s requests and inquiries. They not only need to handle a high volume of requests which requires a high grade of productivity and efficiency, but also need to find the right information or resolution to satisfy the customer and keep their loyalty up.

SAP Cloud for Service helps to create exceptional customer serviceby empowering your customers to easily get answers, create and track service requests via their channel of choice. Customers can call in by phone, us the built-in chat function, send emails or use the self-service support portal.

  • Native cross-enterprise collaboration
  • Rich service analytics
  • Solution finder with knowledge base integration
  • Seamless ERP & CRM integration for products, order status and more

According to a study conducted in 2012 by TSIA Technology Insight, 72% of customers across all industries prefer using a website or self-services to quickly get information or answers to questions they might have.

SAP Cloud for Service offers your customers an intuitive, branded self-service support channel, to Increase customer satisfaction and lower support costs via an easy-to-use self-service support site.


Your customers can take control

  • Create new service tickets 24×7 via web-based support channel
  • Track support requests and ticket status at their fingertips
  • Access knowledge base to easily find answers
  • Collaborate with service agents to resolve issue quickly

Your service and support experts gain flexibility

  • Easily manage and customize out-of-the-box content
  • Build custom solution extensions

Customers will have easy 24×7 access to a self-services web channel with an intuitive and branded user interface. They will be able to quickly find answers via a knowledge base and will have a central access to all open or solved tickets, making status checks much easier and faster.

Your customer service representatives will also benefit from this solution. It will help to reduce high-touch service efforts and improve response time and quality of ticket solutions. Furthermore, the system will maintain central knowledge base for common questions.