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SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management

SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management delivers visibility into the true drivers impacting your bottom line. By linking operational activities and financial perspectives, you gain a deep understanding of the levers affecting organizational costs and profitability of any dimension of your business – your customers, products, and channels – both current and future. You can identify the causes of underperformance, test your assumptions, and take incisive action. You can also evaluate the cost of providing IT services to users within the enterprise. Modeling is rapid and model maintenance is minimal, giving a fast time to value and low total cost of operation.

Improve your profitability and cost management by zeroing in on performance issues across products, customers, and channels. Our profitability and cost management software can give you the power to act decisively – with a clear understanding of how your decisions will impact your bottom line.

  • Identify your most profitable customers, channels, and products
  • Run what-if profitability scenarios across multiple dimensions
  • Lower the cost of IT with shared services, and align resources with business demand
  • Get a clear picture of your organization’s cost drivers


  • Built-in activity based cost engine: saves cost, effort and time for an otherwise often complex implementation
  • What-if simulations: model and compare different scenarios to choose the best strategy, for instance in sales or operations
  • Built-in reporting tools: for creation and sharing of ad-hoc reports
  • Data input, validation and correction: enables business to enter and correct data, while maintain an audit trail