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SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management

Strategy Management connects goals, initiatives, and metrics, the three cornerstones necessary to drive successful execution. A great strategy, innovative product, or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there. You have to be able to deliver on your intent. Unfortunately, the majority of companies aren’t very good at it, by their own admission, according to a Harvard Business report, ninety percent of all organizations are unable to execute on their strategy.

SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management helps both line managers and corporate executives develop and execute strategic plans. By linking strategic goals to initiatives, key performance indicators, and people, companies can set a clear path forward with accountability and risk awareness that all stakeholders understand and can act on with confidence. SAP’s solution helps you transform your strategy plan into living documents so that you can define, discuss, and update goals with employees. Documents can include rich contextual visualizations that drive greater adoption of key objectives across your organization. In addition, it allows you to better manage resources and exceptions to focus on initiatives that will have the most impact.

SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management enhances traditional business intelligence reporting functions by complementing them with guided collaboration, strategy, initiative, and resource planning, links to budgeting and progress report functions, and more. It addresses both the needs of the organization and of the individual users. For executives, it provides the tools to communicate and manage goals, initiatives, and metrics from initial definition to completed execution. For managers, department heads, and your employees, it provides actionable plans. SAP Strategy Management leverages collective knowledge and helps everyone make informed decisions and work collaboratively to meet strategic goals.

SAP Business Object Strategy Management is comprised of a comprehensive set of classic strategy management tools

  • Strategy maps to illustrate your strategy
  • Illustration of management parameters like KPI’s (key performance indicators)
  • Initiatives management, for instance monitoring of steering measures
  • Creation of predefined reports, for instance for notifications on predefined threshold values, on personalized sites.

Thanks to simple operation, many components and output of the tool can be managed by business users, without dedicated IT support.