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Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way we get information, and interact with applications and content in our personal lives. We expect that same experience at work, this has become the way we work and communicate.

Increased mobility can vastly business operation and opens the corporate doors to a new level of customer interaction, decision making and internal and external communication.

To meet this growing demand, IT requires an enterprise mobility management solution to provision the applications and content users want, while maintaining privacy and data security.

Mobilizing your workforce can dramatically increase productivity and customer engagement. With solutions to enable your executive leadership team, sales and service, and operations, an innovative and sound mobile strategy is the way to grow your business.

  • End-to-end solution consume applications on any mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Use them online or offline, with all your platform needs in one simple solution. Control devices and applications in a central way. Create new apps in an easy to use environment. Connect all your SAP and third party solutions.
  • Device management security provisioning and specific roles. Production management to enforce security, backup data, and solution patches. Decommissioning to lock or erase corporate data on devices.
  • Application management remotely manage applications on most device types. Install, update and remove enterprise applications. Blacklist or block applications.
  • Rapid value realization native SAP integration for rapid deployment. Solutions can be up and running in a matter of days.
  • Mobilize any application for example, mobile workflows for the SAP Business Suite can be comprised of process steps on mobiles devices and on-premise systems, with complete process integrity online and offline. Strict data integrity and security ensures that communication and information is only accessible to authorized users, for instance for approvals and confirmations.
  • Flexible deployment SAP Mobile solutions can be deployed in several ways. One option is an on-premise infrastructure with self-managed operations. Another option is a private cloud infrastructure hosted behind your firewall, or a public cloud infrastructure hosted by a cloud partner.
  • Enterprise-level security device level, with role-based credentials, secure data access and a central control to wipe data or apps. Data level security provides enterprise-level security for data flows between mobile devices and back-end systems. Identity management with single sign-on for access and authorization to enterprise applications